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Optimize Your IT Costs With Opex-Friendly Pricing

Global Availability

Set up your IT environment strategically and maximize your reach. Available from data center locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Highly Configurable Hardware

Build out your environment with best-in-class dedicated servers and network hardware. Flexible configurations and expert support included.

Pay-Per-Use Model

You do not need to make any upfront investments. Web Fire custom tailors solutions and contracts to your needs.

Advantages Of HaaS 


HaaS services can save businesses from the rising cost of IT infrastructure and its hardware upgrades with technology advancements. Up-front costs are significantly reduced if not eliminated. As part of Web Fire’s Managed Services solutions, our HaaS offerings bundle hardware, maintenance and security into one, fixed monthly payment making it easy to budget and implement your technology plan.

One-Stop Shop

Web Fire has the technical expertise and resources to either work with your company’s IT team or BE YOUR COMPANY’S IT TEAM. Businesses only need to pay a one-time payment for monthly or yearly subscriptions for Haas. Businesses do not need to purchase any hardware or any IT equipment. This makes it possible for organizations to enjoy tax benefits and invest their capital on other operational expenses. Increasing their profitability and effectiveness. 

Proactive Service Model

HaaS uses a business model that is built on the value premises of delivering customer service effectively. HaaS offers reliability with a hardware system and IT infrastructural support 24-7. 

Enhances Business Security

Businesses are more secure with recovery plans and system upgrades whenever the need arises. HaaS provides a sustainable IT infrastructure system that can handle security threats and enables the company to function without service disruptions or with a minimum downtime.


Business growth and system adaptability go together collectively. While utilizing HaaS, future IT infrastructural expansion or upgrades can be easily done. Businesses no longer need to worry about ramping up their IT infrastructure in the future to stay up to date. They no longer need to worry about the large capital spending in its IT upgrade, as the HaaS solution covers all such future costs. 

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