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Leverage Learning Tracks to Strengthen Your Organization

Regular employee training has considerable benefits

  • Setting concrete standards and expectations through training decreases employee stress and empowers them to better serve customers.
  • An employee who has received proper training is less likely to click on a phishing email.
  • In legal terms, providing anti-harassment training, for example, puts you in a better position to address policy violations quickly.

Keep an Eye Out for These Problems


By 2030, the estimated cost of a talent shortage and skills gap in the United States alone will be $8.5 trillion. 1


Over 40% of workers worldwide are considering quitting their jobs.2


Humans are usually the weakest link in your security strategy and can expose vulnerabilities for the following reasons:

>Poor decisions resulting from heavy workloads

>Distractions associated with working from home

>Insufficient knowledge of what red flags to look for

>There’s a forgetting curve that’s just as severe as a learning curve

Sources: 1. PwC (The Lost Workforce Report) | 2. Microsoft (2021 Work Trend Index: Annual Report)

How Can These Issues Be Addressed?

The more knowledgeable your employees are and the longer they stay, the better they can serve your customers.

Investment in training “hardens” the human firewall, aka your employees, that helps secure your organization and its future.

Remember that spending on human resource training yields a high return on investment. Preventing even a single phishing attempt can save your company thousands.

Our Engaging Training Platform Instills a Security-Focused Culture and Equips Your Organization to Create Custom Training Courses and Deploy Them to Relevant Team Members. 

Our learning management solution serves as a foundation on which to train and educate your employees on security best practices. This can greatly decrease the likelihood of a breach. Our training platform consists of built-in phishing training and comes with the option of letting your organization create its own training courses and upload/deploy them internally. This can include, but is not limited to, employee safety, conduct (anti-harassment) and more. It could even be used for human resources (HR) training such as employee onboarding, policy training, etc.


Test simulations that mimic real-life phishing and business email compromise attacks can be launched as often as desired and automatically staggered to prevent employees from receiving the emails all at the same time.


Keep employee skills up to date and make security awareness a routine by customizing your training schedule. Launch on-demand training or set it to launch regularly on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.


Your workers are more likely to grasp and adhere to training if it is engaging and informative. Short, animated explainer videos and quizzes provide an efficient and measurable learning environment.


Robust analytics track and measure the effectiveness of your campaign, reporting results for the whole workforce right down to individual team members needing additional training.


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